🎉Fun Commands Description
Clap Turns your text into claps
Divorce Divorces a user
Emojify Turns your text into Emojis
Fortune Sends a random fortune
FunFact Sends a random fact
Marriage Shows your Marriage status in the server
Marry Marries a user
Meme Sends a meme from reddit
Reverse Reverses your text
Roast Roasts a user
Rps Plays a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Waifu Sends a random cute waifu
⚔Roleplay Commands Description
Cuddle Cuddles a user
Findchar Finds a character to add to your collection
HighFive High-Fives a user
Hug Hugs a user
Kill Sends a kill gif
Kiss Kisses a user
Mycollection Shows your characters collection
Pat Pats a user
Poke Pokes a user
Punch Punches a user
Slap Slaps a user
🎵Music Commands Description
ClearQueue Clears the queue for your server
Leave Leaves the voice channel and destroys the queue
Loop Loops the current playing song
LoopQueue Loops the current queue
Lyrics Finds the lyrics for a song
NowPlaying Shows the nowplaying song
Play Plays a song
Queue Shows the current queue
Remove Removes a song from the queue
Search Searches youtube based on your query
Shuffle Shuffles the queue
Skip Skips the nowplaying song
Volume Changes the volume for the queue
💰Economy Commands Description
Balance Shows your current balance
Bankrob Bankrobs a user
Beg Begs to get some cash
Code Sends a random code, type it to earn
Coinflip Flips a coin to get some money
Cooldowns Shows your current cooldowns
Deposit Deposits your money
Explore Search a mysterious place... find some cash
Gamble Feeling lucky? Gamble to earn some money... or lose some
Guess Guess a random number and get a random amount of cash
Hack Hacks a user... totally not fake
Leaderboard Shows the leaderboard for your server
Rob Robs a user
Withdraw Withdraws your money
Work Go to work, earn some cash
💻Utility Commands Description
Afk Sets your status to afk (Lets a user know if you're mentioned)
Avatar Displays the avatar of a user
Createembed Creates an advanced embed message
Emojis Shows your server's emojis
Gallery View, or change your gallery
Giveaway Starts a giveaway
Hex Displays the colour of a hex
Randomavatar Sends the avatar of a random user
Reactionroles Sets up a reaction role
Serverinfo Shows info about your server
Snipe Snipes a user (Shows their recently deleted message)
Starboard Sets Up Starboard for your server
Stealemoji Adds emojis from another server, to yours
Userinfo Shows info about a user
VC Moves you to another user's Voice channel
🔎Search Commands Description
Anime Searches for an Anime
Define Finds the definition for a word
Manga Searches for a Manga
Movie Searches for a Movie
Show Searches for a TV Show
Weather Finds the Weather for a location
Wikipedia Searches Wikipedia for something
Youtube Searches Youtube for a video
🛠Configuration Commands Description
Confessions Sets up confessions for your server
Disabledcommands Shows the Disabled Commands for your server
Disablensfw Disables NSFW commands for your server
Enablensfw Enables NSFW commands for your server
Removesuggestionchannel Removes the Suggestions Channel for your server
Setprefix Changes the prefix for the bot
Setsuggestionchannel Sets up Suggestions for your server
Togglechannel Disable/Enables all commands for a channel
Togglecommand Disables/Enables a command
Welcome Sets up Welcoming for your server
🔞NSFW Commands Description
Anal Sends an anal gif
Blowjob Sends a blowjob image
Boobs Sends a boobs image
Cum Sends a cum gif
Hentai Sends a hentai image
Hentaigif Sends a hentai gif
Lesbian Sends a lesbian gif
Lewd Sends a lewd image
Pornhub Searches pornhub for something
Pussy Sends an image containing umm, what the command says
Spank Someone's being naughty? Give them a good spanking
🤖Bot Commands Description
Botinfo Shows Info about the Bot
Developer Sends a Message to my Developer
Help Shows the Bot's Help page
Invite Sends the Bot's Invite
Ping Shows Bot's API Latency, and Response Time